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Posted by on Mar 18, 2011 in Recipes |

Would You Like Some Tea With Your Alcohol?

Sometime this past fall, I was turned on to steeping tea into vodka.  To be more specific, steeping Cinnamon Plum Tea into vodka.  I got the grand idea to steep a gigantic bottle of it and then re-bottle into smaller bottles to give away for Christmas.  My Cricut machine was collecting dust due to my time limitations with being at the Pittsburgh Public Market, so I broke it out, dusted it off and made custom labels.  They turned out really cute.

I have been telling people at the market about this new fascinating thing to do with tea.  Who doesn’t like a cocktail from time to time….. and flavored with delicious tea?  YES, PLEASE!  But it wasn’t until last weekend when I gave a bottle to a friend and she said, “You need to blog about this!” that it even occurred to me to put this one in the recipes.  Yes, sometimes I’m dense.  So here goes:

1 bottle of Vodka- I did a bottle of Stooli’s plain Vodka.  Anyone will do, but the gentleman at the liquor store said not to get the most expensive nor the least expensive.  I went for the most expensive I could spring for at the time.

I then measured out about a teaspoon of tea per 6 ounces of vodka.  I had to remove some of the vodka to make room for the tea.  I put that “extra” vodka in a separate glass and added some tea to it as well.  Then I let it steep for about a week.  I think technically it could have been strained earlier, but I was waiting for my glass bottles to come.  I bought a case of four ounce glass bottles from SKS.  They were perfect!

I then strained the tea with my Pampered Chef fine mesh strainer into my Pampered Chef glass mixing bowl because it has a really nice pour spout.  ***SIDE NOTE: Thank you to Melissa Jackman for being my best Pampered Chef consultant!***

Once the liquid was strained, I carefully poured it into the glass bottles.  bUT before I used the glass bottles, I had some bottle wash used by home brewers to clean their wine bottles.  You can get this anywhere.  I got mine at Country Wines.

Using my Cricut Machine and my new Gypsy I made the labels from the cartridge Preserves.  The whole process was really easy.

I’m now looking to make some flavored Tequila for margaritas.  I LOVE margaritas and so I’m hoping the process of flavoring other spirits works as well.  I promise to blog about it sooner this time around.


The Tea Lady