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Posted by on Jan 8, 2018 in Featured |

New Teas for 2018!

New Teas for 2018!

Ring in the new year with NEW teas at Tupelo Honey Teas! 

Mount Everest Green
A green tea grown on the slopes of Mount Everest. Gentile and mild with a lingering sweetness.

Wild Thai Black
An ancient forest tea with rich vivacity and robust, malty character

Assam #5
A coppery red and biscuity Assam with notes of toffee and earthy tobacco finished with a bite of astringency

Assam Mokalbari
Complex and haunting with hotes of burnt caramel, squash, almond butter and earthy tobacco. 

Darjeeling #6
A blend of second flush leaves. Warmly aromatic with inviting brown/yellow richness

A Tupelo Honey Blend of black teas mixed with juniper, lemon, and lavender. Put on some plaid and grab a cuppa.

Winter Blues
This blend of Peppermint, Pea Flowers, Kava and St. John’s Wort has a rich minty flavor and a natural blue color! Good for sipping on the long days of winter. (please note St. John’s Wort can affect your anti depressants and Kava can affect your liver. There are small amounts of both in the tea but both can have contraindications in some people).