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Posted by on Jan 13, 2010 in Uncategorized |

Where you can find us!

Since the stroke of midnight ringing in 2010, I’ve had an eerie feeling that this is the year for Tupelo Honey Teas.  I guess the next 11 and a half months will prove or disprove this “feeling”, however, the past week or so has been a whirlwind of good stuff for us.

First, one of our favorite coffee shops, which unfortunately closed down late 2009, was purchased and reopened two days ago.  Although the “Vault” is no longer, in its place has risen “Friendly Grounds”.  Most of the same smiling faces (LeAnna and Shelly are back), the front and inside are mostly the same (aside from the two LARGE screen TV additions), and Tueplo Honey Teas are still being served.  Management is no longer Cindy (although you will be hearing more about her later this year), but LaTeshya Ellis who also happens to be the owner.  LaTeshya also owns two daycares in the area.  From my short conversation with her, I found her to be smart, funny and impressive.  I am very much looking forward to working with her and watching her market and grow the Gem of California Avenue.

Second, we are now working with Amani International Coffee Shop in the Northside of Pittsburgh.  When I started this business in late 2007, my friend had just finished designing the interior of Amani.  She introduced me to owner/operator Terra Jones.  I immediately LOVED Terra.  Her infectious smile, her eagerness to open a coffee shop that incorporated cultural diversity while sticking to the roots of the neighborhood, and her savvy business mind all added to my immediate feeling of “this girl is AWESOME”.  Terra isn’t a tea drinker and in the beginning wanted to focus on getting up and running as well as she wanted to concentrate on her love, coffee.  All things considered, I completely understood.  When I got her call the other day saying, “I want you in my store NOW”, I was so excited.  She and I met briefly yesterday to discuss her spin on Tupelo Honey Teas and I think you all are gonna LOVE IT!  She is placing a “Wellness Tea Center” in the store.  It is going to be SO COOL AND UNIQUE!

We are also currently in Cafe Notte on Route 65 in Avonworth.  This shop is simply BEAUTIFUL!  From the granite countertops, to the gorgeous woodwork, to the real burning fireplace and the twinkle star lights on the ceiling, you will not find a more aesthetically pleasing environment.  Cafe Notte boasts itself as a Tappas bar but few know it is open for morning coffee and tea business.  Stop in for a look and smell (the wood burning fireplace is AMAZING!)

Lastly, but certainly NOT least, is Affogato, my first and most beloved coffee shop.  Victoria Green has stuck with me thru the bumps of my first few years in business.  How we were conveniently at the same place at the same time with similar needs is one of those Universal Coincidences.  Affogato is located on the main street in Bellevue and if you aren’t careful, you will drive right by it.  From the round counter that encourages chatter amongst people, to the quaint side patio, and the big backyard, this place should not be missed!

There are a few places currently in the works which, when they open, will carry us as well.  As soon as we have word of an opening I will be sure to blog all about them.  Until then, see us at one of the above places, and be sure to tell them The Tea Lady sent you.

Bee Well.  Drink Tueplo Honey Teas.