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Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Tea Specials |

Join our VIP Club!

Anyone who knows me knows I am technologically backwards. I break technology that a 3 year old can fix. So what I am about to tell you may shock those who understand the gravity of the two sentences that precede this one……

Tupelo Honey Teas and the Tea Loft now send coupons, specials and promotions by text.


Yes, you have read that correctly! Actually the company I am working with has made it so simple, stupid proof that it was a no brainer.

Here is how this works:

Text TEA to 51660 to receive specials off of the website. Meaning if you don’t live within a drivable distance and you order online, this is a GREAT option.

Join our VIP club!

Join our VIP club!

Text TEALOFT to 51660 if you visit the Tea Loft or if you see us at events and farmer markets. We will be sending specials and coupons to use at our face to face dealings to this text. As an added bonus, you can opt into our birthday club which will text you coupons on your actual birthday!

Join our local VIP Club

Join our local VIP Club

No paper. No cutting. No remembering. The coupons are ON YOUR PHONE! How genius?!?!?!