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Posted by on Feb 14, 2010 in Uncategorized |

Valentine's Day

People usually fall on one side of the Valentine’s Day fence or the other.  You either love it or you hate it.  I lean towards the hate it side but am still on the fence.  Afterall it is a holiday that celebrates love….. and who doesn’t love to love?  But, in the same breath, it was created by mass merchandisers to push a very basic emotion to benefit them.  (For the record, I think those merchandisers are genius.)   Truthfully, though, many of our holidays stem from meager beginnings and all were created to increase awareness of something, so is it really all that bad?

My hesitation comes from knowing that this holiday, like others, is blown out of proportion.  The idea is to celebrate love with your partner, love with your children, love with your family and friends, but often times it becomes a race to the store to buy expensive stuff that in the end doesn’t really show the true love you have for someone.  My husband will disagree because I do like sparkly things.  However for Valentine’s Day, I look for something extra special from my honey.  By extra special I am referring to deeds to show me that he loves me.  Too many days go by in our hectic world where we are too busy to go the extra mile for each other.  We are juggling kids, work, our pets, getting to one activity or another, etc.  Valentine’s Day gives us that reason to slow down and do what we should be doing the other 364 days of the year.  For this reason, I cannot jump off of the fence to the hate side and fully commit to being a hater of Valentine’s Day.   

As a tea company, I should be marketing and selling “love potion” teas during Valentine’s Day, however, tea shouldn’t be a one day specialty.  Tea is meant to be a special part of your everyday.  Between the health benefits of drinking it and the meditation benefit from brewing it, it really can lower stress and make a positive improvement in your health.  So save the Valentine’s Day love you have for your sweetie and surprise him or her with a pot of tea sometime in the next few weeks, out of the blue.  I guarantee you’ll find that “Valentine’s Day” can be everyday, if you make the effort.