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Tea is for Everyone!

At Tupelo Honey Teas we believe in making tea accessible to everyone. While loose leaf tea in the United States is sometimes considered “upscale” or “posh” or “fussy”, in most parts of the world, tea is consumed by everyone on every economic level. We want to change the way tea is perceived in the US.

Tea’s not scary.

In our time in the community, we have learned that lots of people are afraid of loose leaf tea. It seems complicated. It requires “gear”. People don’t know how to make it. If you feel this way, the videos and articles you find at Universitea will help change the way you see tea — we promise.

It’s worth learning about.

There are many layers to tea and its processes. On the most basic levels, tea is the leaf of a plant steeped in water. However, as we explore each type of tea, the plant, how it is processed, and then how to make it, you will begin to see what makes tea so special. Maybe you’ll add your new tea knowledge to that part of your brain labeled, “Good for Trivia Games”. But we hope you’ll embark on an exploration that brings tea and all its benefits into your life. Either way, this portion of the website should feed your thirst for knowledge. Enjoy our UniversiTEA blog posts while you imbibe on your subject.

Already have experteas?

If by chance you are a worldwide Tea expert, this section will continue to unlock interesting facts about the drink you love so much and will allow you, as an expert, to focus in on more in-depth information surrounding each subject.