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Posted by on Aug 23, 2013 in Events & Sightings, Tea in Pittsburgh, Tea Specials |

New Shop

Learn more about our Pittsburgh Tea Loft on its dedicated website.


Getting here hasn’t been easy.  In fact, it has been a crazy couple of years.  I started this business with hopes it would take off just as my babies entered full time school.  But much to my surprise the business took off several years before the plan.  Most people would shake their heads up and down and say, “GOOOOOOD!  That is EXCELLENT!”, but the truth is it was AWFUL!

As an entrepreneur, I wanted nothing but success.  As a momma bird whose babies weren’t ready to fly from the nest, I was torn between my two selfs.  In those moments where I lost myself in though, I realized the following:

  1. The kids are only little once.
  2. I have searched my whole life for a company/job where family comes first
  3. I am the boss so I can change it!
So I did.  I apologize to those of you who maybe were served your tea a bit later than expected, but in those moments, the kids needed me more.  All of this brings me to the fact that…..


Yes finally, a full time (kind of), little tea shop with all of the charm I have always wanted.   I will elaborate more on next weeks post about the shop and why it is located where it is, etc.  but for today, I can tell you this.

  1. LOCATION:  3812 William Flinn Highway, Bldg 4, 2nd Floor, Allison Park, PA 15101.  This road is also known as Route 8.  We are in a complex called “Allison Park Industrial Complex”.
  2. HOURS:  While not set in stone just yet, we plan to be open from 10-3, M-H.  We will also be having classes in the evenings and on some weekends.  Those will be announced in advance.
  3. SERVICES:  We will have tea by the glass and pot.  Cups can be taken to go.  A small seating area is available and we are working on Wifi.  We will be selling our loose leaf teas and all of the accoutrements plus we will have a section of the store with local hand made tea inspired art and crafts.
Thank you to my loyalest of loyal customers.  Without you, I wouldn’t still be doing what I love.  Also, Welcome to my new customers. Much Love and Appreciation!
Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.
The Tea Lady