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Posted by on Jan 12, 2009 in Uncategorized |

Traveling Tea Parties

When I came up with the name “Traveling Tea Party”, the scene from Alice in Wonderland was playing in my head. The funny hats, the rabbit, the crazy tea cups cut in half, the song ” A Very Unhappy Birthday” to you, etc. Although my tea parties are a bit more mundane, I want to bring the energy of that scene into the homes that I visit. Afterall, tea time doesn’t necessarily have to be white gloves, demitasse cups and a pinky finger extended just the right way. Tea time is YOUR time and YOUR way.

I get very excited when discussing tea. Everything about it fascinates me. From where it is grown, how it is grown, how it gets from there to here, what it tastes like, and more than all of that, what it does for YOU. Aside from water, which is necessary for life, tea is the best drink for you. And when you think about adding extra nutrients into the necessity of life, what could be better for you than TEA?

The Traveling Tea Party was dreamed up in my musings of how to get delicious, organic tea to everyday people. NO, not tea bag tea, but real, whole leaf, good-for-you tea. As I hummed “A Very Unhappy Birthday to you, who? To me? To You”, I had a vision of sharing all the information I have bottled up inside about tea. I thought about my daily tea rituals and about how, I think, the 10 minutes it takes to brew and enjoy a cup is well worth it. It sets your day, or calms your afternoon, or prepares you for a nice slumber. Even as my children scream around me, when I hug up to a warm cup of tea, I am somewhere else. In the winter, maybe it is a warm tropical island with a hunk of a man delivering me my beverage of choice…… In the summer maybe I am enjoying the sunshine at a cabin near a lake on the side of a mountain. Every time and place is different. I spend a lot of my “tea time” thinking, whether about my business, my life, my kids, my future, whatever. It doesn’t matter, because, that 10 minutes is MY TIME, and that is what I want to convey and show people with this Traveling Tea Party.

So, If you are considering having a tea party, drop me a line. We can do anything you wish. Coming up on my calendar is an Evening Tea Party. For that tea, we plan on featuring all caffeine free teas and herbal tisanes. Another tea I have planned for February is an afternoon tea and right before Valentines Day. We will be focusing that tea around the warm, arousing flavors of chai. Anything goes because only you can paint the picture of YOUR TIME and what it means to you. So if imagining you are in England sipping tea with the Queen is your idea of a Tea Party, we will do it. If tea time to you is envisioning a mountain with acres of tea plants in China, so be it. The most important thing to the Traveling Tea Party is to learn the exciting world of tea and what it can do for YOU.