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Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Take a Moment |

The Tea Drinker Manifesto

The Tea Drinker Manifesto

A year and a half ago I opened my new shop, the Tea Loft.  Because it was “MY” mark in the world of tea, I wanted it to be reminiscent of ME.

At that time I was also working with a woman I consider a marketing guru.

She said, “Danielle, you need to write a manifesto.” She wanted me to tell the world through a manifesto not only my beliefs about tea but also “why Tupelo Honey Teas”.

I sat down and penned this Tea Drinker’s Manifesto. When you come into the Tea Loft, browse our site or meet us in the community, you will find this is the culture of our business and the beliefs we hold very deeply.



By: Danielle Spinola

I believe tea should not be fussy. There is no need for crazy gizmos and gadgets. Tea has been consumed for centuries without temperature gauges and sand hour glasses to determine the “proper” steep temperature and time. Those are convenience items. What I know for sure is If you do not have them, you can still make a good cup of tea.

I believe tea time should come back, especially for Americans. We spend our days running around chasing and chauffering kids, making dinners, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. We punch a time clock to get a pay check or maybe we are out chasing our dreams. But, what does it say about our society that businesses allow two 15 minute smoke breaks per day yet no one promotes wellness time? I want to live in a world where two 15 minute breaks are given to recreate Tea Time.

Use tea as a daily medicine or as a meditation tool. It is cheaper than therapy.

Loose leaf teas have been made to feel like they should be reserved for “special” times. This moment right now is just as special as any other. Own it.

There is a misconception that loose leaf teas are only for “knowledgeable” people. Yet, through most of history tea has been the common man’s drink. Don’t let a perception intimidate you. You are worthy of a really great cup of tea.

The idea that one must be in white gloves and hats to have tea time is narrow thinking. All around the world tea is consumed in a variety of ways, not just the English interpretation. Cut the ties to traditional thinking and just enjoy the moment!

I believe tea time is meant to reconnect you. Whether that be to yourself in a meditative moment or whether it is with a friend. The moments drinking tea should be enjoyable, reflective and relaxing.

Everything about the process of making tea can be meditative.
Choosing your tea
Heating the water as you listen to the sounds your kettle makes
The smell of placing your leaves in the steeper
The moist heat as the water pours over the leaves, the steam curling up your nose
Watching the leaves as they swirl and unfurl
The warmth of the mug as you move it toward your face
The facial you receive from the steam rising from the mug
Now that the tea is close to your nose, the colorful liquid implores you to just take a sip
The hot liquid rolling over your tongue igniting every taste bud in your mouth
Then the liquid hits your throat and warms your vocal chords before it warms you all the way down to your core being

Tea begins its life as a plant, a living organism, which feeds from the earth and sun. Now it is in your cup feeding your body and soul in this moment. It is a full circle. Honor the tea by enjoying this moment, savor the inner peace it brings to you, because all of it was meant for you, now.

Stop comparing coffee and tea. Imagine them as your children. You can love them both but recognize their differences and celebrate them. Tea is never going to compete in the caffeine arena with coffee. But I implore you to view tea for what it is. It isn’t the “kick-you-in-the-pants-and-get-moving” morning drink. Tea is more about bringing you back to yourself after a long day. It is a drink to make you reflect on what is important to you.

Loose leaf tea is often thought of as “expensive”. Given that tea can be resteeped at least once (sometimes twice) and that you use a very small amount per cup, it is more reasonable than people realize. Remember it has always been the common man’s drink.

Tea is the number two consumed beverage, behind water, around the world, with the exception of the United States. Grab a piece of the world in your cup.

Almost any herb can be a tea. If you don’t have money to buy tea, grow it. One of the most gorgeous things about tea is that it is accessible to everyone all of the time.

Most of all, find a tea that speaks to you. Find one that fills your need in this moment and savor it. Enjoy every last drop and then walk confidently through the rest of your day for you have received a gift from the universe.