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Posted by on Mar 31, 2008 in Uncategorized |

The Len and Joe Show Health Fair

In the fall, I attended the Len and Joe Show Health Fair. There I met some GREAT people who continue to be fantastic clients. I also realized at this fair that my passion for delicious tasting tea is shared by many and thus validating my passion for this business.

This Saturday, April 5, 2008, at Greater Works Outreach, 301 College Park Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146 there is another health fair and I will be there. You can also find out more information at Here, I will be releasing my new Spring and Summer line. These teas are PERFECT iced (as well as hot).

Recently, I took my new Peach Green Rooibos to a party. I prepared it as iced tea and added peaches in the pitcher. I think it took all of 3 minutes for the ENTIRE pitcher to be gone. This tea is one of the best tasting I’ve ever had. Also new in the line are Lemon Chiffon Red Rooibos which literally tastes like a lemon cream pie; Orange Red Rooibos delicious as a citrus pick me up; Key Largo Green Rooibos with Papaya and Mango pieces; Roasted Tiramisu Mate that actually tastes like tiramisu and has the kick of coffee; and last but not least, Almond Cookie Black tea. This tea has actual almond pieces in it, so not good for those allergic to nuts. I drink this one warm in the mid afternoon when I want something sweet but not the calories. It smells and tastes like biscotti cookies.

These are not yet onto my website, but will be in the next week. Or you can come out to the Len and Joe show to check them out!!!