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Posted by on May 19, 2008 in Uncategorized |


Today I had the GREAT pleasure of being a part of a GRAND afternoon of tea, shopping and knowledge. Aside from my teas there was organic clothing, mineral makeup, glass work, food, fun and knowledge on new alternative therapies. NOT to mention I was introduced to all new people, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

During my show at Len and Joe’s, I was approached by a Deb Meyers, who flocks to my booth every show as she is a VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER!!! She mentioned wanting to do something with me but wasn’t sure what. I of course agreed…… Afterall, this is why I love this business. I have a direction I think I want to go in, but I am letting the higher powers guide me to what I am really meant to do. So a few weeks ago she called and invited me to attend a gathering at “Changing Seasons” in McMurray Pennsylvania. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I went with no preconceived notions other than I was going to meet some new people and we were going to drink tea.

I pulled up to this GORGEOUS Asian inspired building in the middle of a bustling area. Immediately I felt tranquil and at peace. It is hard to explain unless you go there yourself. I was met at the door by Carol, who designed the building. Everything was perfect from the kitchen area, to the yard, to the parking lot. Check out the pictures on the website.

I unloaded my stuff…… set up…… and then the ladies came. They came bearing delicious foods. Carol made the most amazing tomato veggie soup that not only smelled devine but tasted like heaven. There was a beet salad (not for me but it looked good), green salad with apples, english muffins with tuna and carrots, etc, etc, etc…… I haven’t eaten that good in a LONG time!!!

After everyone was seated with their food, I proceeded to do the tea party. Everyone loved picking tea from the menu to try. It was SO FUN!!! Then everyone stood up and talked about what they did and what they brought (craft/business wise). There was a woman who has a boutique that sells mostly organic and USA made clothes/accessories, a woman who does glass fusion, a woman who custom blends make up (oh hell yeah), and then my friend Deb who is embarking on a new venture in her stress management/yoga practice, and a woman who does a form of therapy called “Bowen Therapy”. Both of which sound much needed in my life.

So with the first tea party out of the way, I am excited to embark on the next adventure in the Traveling Tea Party which may be coming sooner than later. Thanks to a contact at the party today, I may be blogging again real soon about my next adventure!!!