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Our Teas

tupelo-logoWe’re Still Tupelo Honey Teas!

The Tea Loft is simply a cozy space where you can go to find Tupelo Honey Teas and Danielle the Tea Lady. Tupelo Honey Teas was born from the Tea Lady’s love of tea and fascination with the healing properties of herbs. Over the past 6+ years, she has melded these two passions into a thriving resource that brings the best responsibly sourced loose-leaf teas to Pittsburgh tea lovers.

Spectacular Teas

The Tea Lady searches the world for not only the best tasting teas, but also for teas that are grown organically and harvested sustainably. What does “sustainable” mean in the world of tea? For us it means is that, in almost all cases, Tupelo Honey Teas buys from wholesalers who buy directly from the growers. This gives us the greatest assurance that our teas are grown according to Certified Organic and Fairtrade standards.

If you want to know more about a tea, ask us. We love to share where our tea comes from and why we love it so much!

Unique Blends

While we do source some spectacular tea blends from other tea companies, we also do quite a bit of blending ourselves. All of the teas we create at Tupelo Honey Teas are hand blended in small batches to ensure freshness and taste. As the Tea Lady blends, she infuses every batch with good intentions and positive energy. We hope you are able to sense the love.

We Bee-lieve our tea is the best around thanks to the high standards we set for ourselves and for our vendors. Try us! We think you’ll agree!