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Custom Blends & Tea Blending Classes

blending-custom-loose-leaf-tea-blendWe Make Custom Blends of Loose Leaf Tea!

At Tupelo Honey Teas we specialize in custom blending. It is our way to introduce people to the joys of finding and making a tea that is JUST FOR YOU! Have your own blend at your house or create a signature flavor for your favorite person!

Tea Blending Classes

We keep tea blending classes to a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. This is so The Tea Lady can give personalized attention to each person. Everyone will discuss the type of tea they wish to blend (a sleepy tea, a tea to wake them up, one that is good for your liver, etc). The Tea Lady will then pull herbs and tea which are good for whatever it is you want to accomplish with your tea. We smell and taste each herb to be sure you want them in your blend. You learn the idiosyncrasies of how to blend, how much of each herb is enough, and how to know when the blend is perfect.

Each person walks out with about four ounces of tea and their newly created custom tea recipe. We also keep a copy on hand, so if you would like us to make your blend, we can do so for you at any time. Call or email the tea lady to schedule a private class!


Blending Tea takes two hands, lots of tasting and a lot of LOVE