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Posted by on Jul 19, 2010 in Uncategorized |

Take Back Afternoon Tea Campaign

Earlier this month (and I believe the post prior to this one), I started campaigning to bring back afternoon tea.  A tradition that seems to have been lost in this world of “NOW”.  Everything we do we want it faster, quicker, cheaper, better.  But loose leaf tea is meant to be slower, meditative, quiet and calm.  To most of us, the notion of slowing down is nice in theory, but “who has time for that?!?”  My answer is simple, you do.

Back in the times when I punched a clock in the corporate world, there were those who took about 10 minutes out per day to smoke, one five minute break in the morning and one five minute break in the afternoon.  I was never a smoker but envied the time away from the grind that they got for their unhealthy habit.  By the end of the day, all the caring I did for the job, including not taking two five minute interludes so I could get another call in, did nothing but burn me out.  I was fizzled and frazzled and done with corporate and offices in general.

I wish back then I had the insight to see what was right in front of me… Tea.  Sitting on my desk all that time was loose leaf tea I brought back from my trip to China.  Of course I was drinking it all day every day, but I never took the time to really “DRINK” the tea.  To take those five minute “smoke” breaks as my time to relax with my vice.  Had I done that, I think my stress levels would have been reduced greatly.

My idea of “Take Back Afternoon Tea” isn’t about having to do some grand ritual, it is simply to give people a five minute break to recollect their thoughts.  To make a DELICIOUS cup of loose leaf tea should not take any longer than five minutes and most of that time, you could be doing something else, thereby saving the five minute break for drinking, savoring and meditating.

Give it a try!  You can be part of the campaign by photographing yourself or just your cuppa and send it to us.  We’d LOVE to hear from you.

Most of all, though, bee good to yourself…. That is what Tupelo Honey Teas is all about.


The Tea Lady