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Our World

responsibly-sourced-tea-loose-leafOur World is Your World!

We believe that everyone deserves to know as much about what they put into and onto their bodies as possible. So we make this pledge to you. We want to tell you as much about each tea as possible. When we can, we will tell you: who has sourced the tea, what area of the world and what tea garden it comes from, and possibly even who picks your tea. We want you to see the people and the place that made your cup of tea possible.

You mean more to us.

Many people tell us we shouldn’t give out our “trade secrets”, but in OUR World, YOU have the right to this information. You have the right to choose what you put into your body and that means more than a bottom line or trade secret to us.

Responsible sourcing in our words:

Many people use the terms of the time, Organically Grown, Fair Trade, Responsibly Sourced, etc. Here is what these things mean to Tupelo Honey Teas.

When we have the option of choosing Organically Grown or non-organic tea, we ALWAYS choose Organic. Even if it means it is more expensive. We just believe our food deserves to be free of  pesticides. HOWEVER, there are areas in the world where teas are not organic certified because it is expensive, or because the tea in that region just is not able to be grown organically yet. This is where our small-to-medium purveyors come in. We try to meet, in person, and discuss ethics with each of our purveyors. Each of them is a small business like us, and we believe in their commitment to seek out the growers who are doing the right thing. This is important to us.

All but one tea on our menu comes from small-to-medium tea purveyors. We love our wholesalers because they not only know what it is like to be a small business, but they strive to do things “the right way” and not just to make a quick dollar.

If an item is Fairly Traded, we purchase that over non-fairly traded product. Most of our purveyors are not only trying to purchase organically but also paying fair prices to the farms.

All of our blending herbs are organically grown and most of them are fairly traded.

Can’t sourcing go local?

We currently source our teas and herbs from small to medium wholesalers who buy directly from the tea gardens. Because the Camellia Sinensis does not grow in Pittsburgh, we will continue to purchase the tea from our wholesalers. However, we are currently speaking with farmers in the area to see if we cannot source some of our products locally.

Now with Even More Transparency!

Soon we will be posting pictures of the places in which the tea we purchase is grown. Not stock photos — actual photos. It is important for everyone to know from where their food comes and tea is no exception. As we’re able to capture the places where our teas are grown, we will be sure to list them here with pictures!