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Posted by on Jun 11, 2011 in Tea in Pittsburgh |


Everyone always asks if there is honey in my teas.  There isn’t.  It is just a name.  My family calls me Bee and has since I was a baby.  Tupelo Honey Teas’ name is just an extension of the “bee” theme.  Although Bee’s Teas was once considered, I wanted something a little less cutesy so I settled on a honey name.  Not just any honey name but one of the rarest and most delicious honey, Tupelo Honey.

Tea & Honey Belong Together

As with all things I am always on the hunt for the best of the best.  When it comes to honey, I’ve found it.  Around the time when I joined Facebook, I friended a girl from high school.  Upon checking out her page, I found she was a bee keeper studying the art of keeping on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We started chatting and when she came back to PA, we met up to chat about our businesses.  Soon we discovered not only were our products were complimentary, but our thought process and way to do business were similar.  So it was born, a perfect union.

Pittsburgh Artisan Honey

Christina Neumann from Apoidea Apiary does an AMAZING job with her honey.  Not only does she keep her own bees but she then cold infuses the honey with organic herbs.  Her process keeps the honey raw, meaning that it isn’t pasteurized.  Pasteurization kills the good microbes in the honey.  Instead, Christina, uses the power of the sun and occasionally a double boiler in which she keeps a watchful eye to ensure the honey stays raw.  The end result is a bold, rich, AMAZING flavor.  Her batches are small, artisan and purposefully crafted.  I can’t imagine carrying another honey but that from Apoidea Apiary.

Christina’s honey will not be ready until about mid July to Early August.  Her bees are working hard to make honey.  Last year, according to Christina, was a bad year for the bees, producing less than she had hoped.  I’m hoping for a great bee year this year as I’ve had many people asking for her honey.  Honestly, once you try it, you will never go back.

Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.

The Tea Lady