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Posted by on Jun 29, 2008 in Uncategorized |


From the first time I tried Market Spice Tea while visiting my aunt in Seattle, I was hooked. The delicious cinnamon, decadent orange and spicy apple flavors bursting in my mouth. I brought back a big stash of this nectar and started making it at work on cold fall and winter days. My then co-worker, now great friend, Elizabeth popped up over the cubical and asked what in the world smelled so good. I brewed her a cup and she was hooked. My mom had tasted it that fateful day at Pikes Place Market too and loved it as much as I did. So one evening, my mom made some for my mother in law. Well needless to say she is hooked too. I’ve only met one person who doesn’t like Market Spice Tea and that is the aunt in Seattle, ironic as that may be.

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While trolling around the World Tea Expo, Matt, my husband and accountant, grabbed my arm and said, “Hey, Market Spice is here!”. I looked up and like a gem in the rough, there stood the Market Spice booth. Enamored with the whole presence, I ordered lots of tea from them, including their Rooibos Market Spice and the Green Tea Market Spice, as well as the Original Market Spice made with black tea. I encourage you all to sample just a cup of this tea. I bet you’ll be hooked….. if not, I’ll call you Josie from Seattle!