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Posted by on Dec 31, 2010 in Uncategorized |

New Year's Resolutions

Every year people feel the need to make big promises for the new year.  The ritual of being “reborn” is ingrained in our heads from the time we are small.  I remember banging pots and pans at midnight while making promises to myself for the coming year.  I would be willing to bet most of the promises made are broken within the first two to three weeks of the new year.  At least that is about how long my resolutions last. 

For those of you who are planning on making resolutions at midnight, here are five of the most common resolutions made each year and how Tupelo Honey Teas can help you meet each goal.

1.  Lose Weight-  This is probably the number one resolution uttered at midnight.  Both Pu-erh and Oolong teas have been known to help with weight loss.  We have a fantastic Vanilla Mint Pu-erh and I have a limited stock of a Chocolate Coconut Chai Pu-erh, both delicious.  For a more traditional tasting tea, I have what I call a Dark Oolong, which tastes more like a black or like the tea you get at a chinese restaurant.  The greener Oolong, Tung Ting has a very peachy aftertaste, although there are no flavorings or additives.  It’s greener tasting, as in closer to a Green Tea.  The other tea I feel helps with weight loss is Yerba Mate.  Mate helps curb appetite while boosting energy, so not only is your appetite suppressed but you can exercise a bit harder or longer when drinking it.

2.  Be Healthier-  Consuming three or more cups of black tea per day lowers your risk significantly of having a heart attack.  Also, Tupelo Honey Tea’s Go Red Heart Blend was blended for the local Heart Association’s Go Red Conference in 2010.  It contains blood pressure lowering Hibiscus, sugar stabilizing Cinnamon, vitamin C laden Rosehips and more.  It is a FANTASTIC caffeine free health tea. 

3.  Spend More Time with Family and Friends-  I’ve been working on a campaign to “Take Back Afternoon Tea”.  The idea is to get reacquainted with each other and ourselves by sitting down to a cup of tea once per day.  Why not invite a friend over for a cuppa tea once in a while?  What is better for your heart and soul than a good gab session with your friend.  I know you can’t have a friend over every day, so on the days you are alone, have one for yourself.  You’ll find a much calmer self when you take that mini time out to do nothing but sit over a steaming cup of tea.

4.  Quit Smoking-  The smokers in my life have said the hardest part of quitting has been the void left while on the phone, driving or after a meal.  Why not fill that void with a new habit, a cup of tea.  Both smoking and drinking tea are oral fixations.  And while there is no inhaling, drinking still requires you to put something (the cup) to your mouth and sip in.  It then takes over your sense of smell and fills your esophogus with a warm sensation.  Give it a try!   Our new tag line will be “Quit Smoking.  Drink Tea.” 

5.  Get out of Debt-  While drinking tea will not get you out of debt, stopping by the local coffee shop to buy a to-go cuppa will cost you significantly more than making your own tea bags at home.  We have awesome tea bags that you can stuff with a lot or a little bit of tea to make the perfect strength cup of tea for your morning commute.  At $.20 for each bag followed by the average cost of the tea to put in at $.32, you can make a morning cup for $.52 as compared to the $1.85 plus tax.  That is a savings of about 70%!  How’s that for helping get out of debt?!?

What ever your plans are for the new year, Tupelo Honey Teas wishes you a happy and safe 2011.

Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.

The Tea Lady