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Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Uncategorized |

My Top 5 Favorite Teas

The most common question I am asked is, “What tea is your favorite?”  To this I always answer, “What day is it?  What time is it?  What is my mood?”  Answering this question seems silly as I have MANY favorites.  However, there are certain teas that I always go to.  Here is my list….


Probably my most stand by, over all tea.  If I were to name one favorite, it would probably be this tea.  It has everything I want in a tea and more.  It is green tasting, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.  It contains a form of caffeine called mateine so I get a nice pick up without the normal caffeine crash.  It contains all of the healthful properties that Green Tea contains plus more.  It suppresses my appetite which as a gal always on a diet, this is a plus.  Besides, it has a REALLY cool history.


This is one of my custom blends.  Normal Moroccan Mint tea contains only Spearmint however, I am a mint fanatic and like the taste of both Spearmint and Peppermint mixed.  The taste of both together give a great round mint flavor, so I’ve used both in my version of this very classic tea.  Mint is supurb for your stomach so more often than not, I find this tea on my morning rotation.


I always say my cup is not strong enough if a spoon can’t stand in it by itself.  For this reason, I love Irish Breakfast Tea!  Bold, Dark, and full of fantastic flavor, not to mention caffeine.  Again, this is found most often in my morning rotation.


I blended this tea originally for my best friend’s baby shower.  She is a fan of lemon.  I could not get the lemon blend right until I added a bit of spearmint.  Suddenly, I had an awesome cup of tea.  I drink this one mostly at night since it has no caffeine and it seems to calm my nerves after a day in the trenches with my children.


This tea was originally blended because I wanted a guilt free piece of pumpkin pie.  After trying many mass produced “pumpkin spice” tea lattes, I found I wasn’t satisfied.  They tasted too processed and sugar laden.  This blend is simple and yet full of flavor. While making the “latte” takes more than just brewing a cup of tea, it is worth the few extra steps.

I have many others that I really enjoy, but these are by far my top five favorites.

Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.

The Tea Lady