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Posted by on Jul 28, 2009 in DIY |


I spend a great deal of time, money and energy trying to calm myself.  As a mom of two and an avid “doer” of anything I can get my hands on, I find myself never sitting still.  When I am physically sitting still, my mind is always wandering and thinking and plotting and “doing”.  The hardest thing for me to do is to calm down enough to just be.  As you can imagine, meditation is NOT my thing, although I am trying! 

It has been a process and a learning experience to say the least.  Sitting still, thinking of nothing and being quiet are three things I cannot readily do.  It takes work, hard work at that to retrain yourself to do things against your own grain.  Along the way, I’ve found that I do meditate,  just not in conventional ways. 

I meditate in the shower with the hot water rushing over me.  It calms all my nerves and suddenly the answer to the most pressing issue on my plate at that time appears before my eyes. 

I meditate when crafting.  I concentrate so hard on making my item look good, that all the worries and angst flitter away for a while. 

And several times a day, I meditate when making my cup of tea.  The ritual of choosing the tea right for that moment, bringing the water to the right temperature, choosing the cup I want to use, pouring the water over the tea, smelling the aroma before it hits my lips, the warmth of the cup as I hold it, and finally the taste of the tea as it fills my mouth with joy is a ritual that takes me to a whole other world.  And in those moments, I have forgotten all that is worrisome.  For making a cup of tea IS meditation!