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Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in Events & Sightings |

Kicking Off 2016

Winter Oolong at Coffee Buddha

Winter Oolong at Coffee Buddha


It’s a NEW YEAR!

Amazing how exciting this time of year can be. Setting new goals, working on yourself, organizing everything in sight…. AHHHHHH!!!!!


At Tupelo Honey Teas, I am doing much of the same.

  1. I have many new goals including working on having a more engaging website.  Joe Bucco is back writing recipes. I am working on some online classes for you to enjoy. AND…. VIDEOS! I have a goal to get some videos up on the site.
  2. Tupelo Honey Teas has been working on itself a LOT last year. I joined New Sun Rising’s incubator program to help launch our Cafe in Millvale. In the new year, I am working on growing our online presence and ability to serve YOU when traditional business hours are closed. I am also planning some new events at the Tea Loft for this winter. And well I may have a few other things up my sleeve.
  3. Organization- Well…. let’s be honest. I can’t be good at everything. And well, organization, while it is exciting and looks AWESOME, it isn’t a forte of mine. Baby steps on this one…….

I have decided 2016 is our year.

There is a lot of really great, exciting things coming to you from us and I can’t wait to tell you ALL about them on this blog….. which I resolve to write weekly 🙂