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It’s Your Moment

take-your-moment-drink-tea-rechargeHow will you spend it?

Each day we have exactly 1440 minutes to work with. The way you spend your moments is the way you spend your life. Most of us use 360-480 of those minutes in various stages of sleep, hopefully dreaming happy dreams. The remaining 1080- 960 are ours for making a difference in this world. In those moments we pack on a heavy load of expectations from all directions. Stress from work, kids, school, money, relationships, health, and every other area of life weighs us down. Sometimes it even cuts into those precious happy dream moments. Life doesn’t have to feel so heavy.

Lighten Your Load

This is a wish from me, Danielle, to you. I want you to claim your moment. Take just 10 of your 1440 moments to meditate over a cup of tea. Reset your body. Breathe in the new day. Reclaim your calm. Start with one day. It only takes 10 moments to recenter yourself, and the benefits are exponential. As someone taking responsibility for 1430 other moments each day, you deserve it.

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