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Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Tea Growlers |

Growler State of Mind

A week or so ago, Adam from the Crested Duck Charcuterie put a bug in my ear.  He suggested I start selling growlers of iced tea.  There had been an article written about someone in New York who was selling growlers of iced coffee for the summer.  Adam said he thought of me and tea.   My original reaction was, “That’s COOL!  Maybe I can do that someday.”, but the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me.  Until one day I found myself researching growler prices.

Now if you know me, you will understand what I’m about to say.  If you don’t, you will soon.  Traditional growlers aren’t good enough.  I was researching those growlers and could get them at a “good price”, but I wanted this to be something in which I set myself apart from all the rest; Where Tupelo Honey Teas shine.  Suddenly, it came to me, local potters.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to hook up with local potters.  Tea cups and tea sets are obvious choices, but finding someone who wants to throw tea pots and cups is difficult.  Apparently, they are a little more difficult because of the handle and spout.  I got in contact with Garick Tai-Lee here in Pittsburgh.  His enthusiasm for this project matched mine and within that first email, I had a feeling this was going to be spectacular.

Garick and I met and discussed designs and ideas a few days ago.  With his guidance, we’re exploring the following possibilites:

  • Growlers in a half gallon size but the shape of the bottle will be unique and the handle will be made from local recycled materials
  • One Gallon Vessels with a spout- Perfect for parties
  • 12-16 ounce bottles that we sell in 6 packs complete with a reclaimed wooden carrier

According to Garick, the great thing about clay pieces is that they stay cold or hot respective to what you put into them.  Our pieces will be glazed inside and out with glaze that is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  Patrons will purchase the vessel and as with traditional growlers will bring them back to be refilled.  The only difference is that once you purchase the growler, you own it.  There will not be a system of deposits and returns.  However, Garick and I discussed possible “runs” of pottery and glazes.  Meaning, there will be limited edition vessels from time to time.

In a few weeks, I will have prototypes to look at and make decisions.  At that point, I will be able to better project pricing and the time frame in which these will be available.  In the meantime, I did pick up a few “traditional” growlers and hope to have them for sale this coming weekend.  I will update you all on Facebook and Twitter to let you know about tea this weekend and as soon as I have information on the awesome local pottery pieces! I hope my crowd is as excited about this as I am.

Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.

The Tea Lady