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Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in Tea, Tea For Health, Tea News | 2 comments

Dr. Oz and Tea

Dr. Oz and Tea

I don’t watch Dr. Oz’s show.  Not because I don’t like him or think that he is an awesome doctor, I do.  I don’t watch him because I don’t have the time.  However, each week at the Pittsburgh Public Market, I get the scoop on what he has been talking about by our customers.

It never fails.  A few weeks ago, people came by looking for Tulsi Tea.  This spicy, sweet basil has been used in India forever.  Indians usually have the live plant and eat a few leaves each day.  I happen to have it in dried form which makes a great tasting tea.  This type of tea is good for meditation and clearing your mind, however, if you search this blog for Tulsi, you will find all of the medicinal uses for this powerful little plant.

About a month ago, Dr. Oz must have been talking about Hibiscus Tea because in one day I swear every other person was asking me if I had straight Hibiscus.  I didn’t at the time because Hibiscus is tart.  Too tart for me.  I use it to blend and it is the key ingredient in my Go Red Heart Blend.  But straight up never occured to me because it is so tart.

Hibiscus has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  It is naturally caffeine free.  Hibiscus also has Vitamin C in it.  I’m now offering it plain.  Be forewarned it is tart.

I am also offering, now Stevia in the green form.  This means the leaves chopped up but still in their original form.  There has been no processing except to make them smaller.  Use a pinch in your tea strainer or tea pocket for a natural, low/no calorie sweetener.  Ask us for a taste!

Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.

The Tea Lady