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Cooking with Tea


Did you know you can cook with tea?

Cooking with tea isn’t what most people think of when they purchase their loose leaf tea. But tea, like any other plant, is just that — a plant. We eat plants ALL the time. Tea is a plant that can be used to not only drink but also to add flavor and dimension to all kinds of foods.

What foods can you use tea in?

We have used tea in everything from chili to margaritas to poaching salmon. You can create desserts, appetizers and really anything you would season with basil, oregano, thyme or any other herb. Tea will add an additional flavor level to your recipes. Soon you will be confident to explore the uses of tea in your beloved recipes.

All plants are equal here.

At Tupelo Honey Teas, we’re not afraid to make tea out of things traditionally considered to be food (like rosemary) and the same goes for making food out of things most people would say are strictly teas. They’re all plants. They all have flavors, as well as implications when you consume them. So start exploring! There’s so much groundcover to cover.