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Posted by on Jan 11, 2011 in Recipes | 1 comment

Chai Squash Soup

About a week ago, Joe Bucco and I sat down to discuss some recipe ideas.  He mentioned wanting to do a squash soup.  My mind went to Chai Tea because of the spicy nature of Chai and how that would pair well with sweet soup like squash. 

Joe sent me this recipe yesterday.  Although I know he is a great chef, I was completely blown away at his interpretation of  squash soup made with Chai Tea.  He has taken this idea and added an Asian flair to it using our custom blended Spiced Coconut Chai.  Make up a batch and Enjoy!

Chai Squash Soup

 3lbs winter squash (buttnerut, buttercup, acorn, etc.)

4T unsalted butter

1 onion, diced

1/4 c minced ginger

5c. water

2-13 1/2 oz cans coconut milk

1t. lime zest

1T chile powder

1 stalk lemongrass

2T sugar

2T lime zest


1oz tupelo honey teas coconut chai


Take a square of cheesecloth and place the tea in it, tying it with string to make a little bundle. Peel squash and then cut in half. Remove seeds and dice squash into 1 inch pieces. (I save the seeds, rinse them, then roast them later for a nice snack). In a large pot, sweat the onions and ginger in the butter. Add chile powder and cook another 5 minutes so that the chile is fragrant. Add the squash and water and bring to a boil. When a boil is achieved, turn the heat down to low and add the pouch of tea to the pot. Simmer on low for 25 minutes or until the squash is very tender. Add the coconut milk, lime zest and lemongrass( lemongrass releases its flavor much better if its given a few stiff whacks with the back of a knife right before using) . Simmer 30 minutes longer. After that remove the tea pouch, and lemongrass. Puree the soup in a blender, then stir in the sugar, lime juice, salt and pepper to taste. Your soup is now ready to enjoy! Shredded coconut or toasted squash seeds would make a nice garnish.


-replace the butter with oil to make the dish vegan if you choose

-cream, or half and half can be used in place of the coconut milk