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Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Press | 12 comments

Cafe On The Way!

I’m a gal who likes to dream big. In fact my motto is “Go Big or Go Home”. Why do something half assed when you can do it with your whole ass, right?

Shortly after starting Tupelo Honey Teas, I told my husband I wanted to open a tea shop in Millvale.

“You are CRAZY” he said.

And subsequently everyone I told that I wanted to put a shop there told me I was CRAZY.

“It floods”

“There isn’t a market for your product”

“Why Millvale?!?!? You should move to Lawrenceville”



But see, my heart has always been in my hometown. My roots run deep there…. as deep as Girty’s Run which is named after my ancestors. I have always seen Millvale for the town it could be. The crumbling buildings have always held the amazing splendor of their younger days to me.

Last year, I began calling on Millvale…. attending meetings, Farmers Markets, meeting the movers and the shakers of the town…. and you know what I found?

They are JUST LIKE ME!

They can see the splendor of the buildings and the potential of the town. They have begun a green movement and a food movement, and a “DO SOMETHING” motto that I live by, thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Mark Manson.

I applied to be part of this new movement towards sustainability and food in Millvale and was accepted!

To scream “I AM SO EXCITED!” is an understatment.

Through this AMAZING non profit, New Sun Rising,  run by two of the most positive energy people I have ever met in my life, brothers Scott and Brian Wolovich, I am able to test and potentially launch my cafe in Millvale!

Through the next year, I will be working on, testing and hopefully launching my cafe/tea shop in the town that made me the woman I am today.

I hope that what I am planning to bring to Millvale will make the town and its people proud. Afterall, my motto is “Go Big or Go Home” and I mean it all the way.