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Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in Universitea |

What should I brew tea in?

Why ask this question?

When people get obsessed with exploring the world of tea, it’s because they get a hint of the true taste of tea. Most Americans don’t actually know what tea should taste like. It’s very similar to beer in that one type has come to define the whole realm of this drink. You might call pekoe cut black tea the pale lager of the tea world. (And if that’s true, then green tea is the Yeungling — the one random other option that confirms the person you’re talking to doesn’t quite “get it.”)

Tea Needs Room to Brew

Most people, at least in the U.S., drink tea in tea bags because it is convenient. It is also the most readily available in stores. Of those who drink loose leaf, a good majority use kitchy tea balls or tea spoons.  They are cute but the problem with tea spoons and tea balls is that they constrict the leaves to a small area.

Tea tastes best when the leaves are left to move about the water unrestricted.  The more the tea leaves move, the better the flavor and the more vitamins and minerals that will be extracted into your tea.

In a Pinch when On the Go

With that being said, it is important to acknowledge that we do not always have the three to five minutes to wait for the tea to steep before putting the lid onto our To-Go Mug.  In that case, we like Tea Pockets.  Tea Pockets allow you to take your tea with you.  But what we like most about Tea Pockets is the ease of use. You simply add the amount of tea you would like into the pocket and fold it over like an old time baggie.  The other really great perk to using these pockets is that you choose how much tea goes in.  For some people a few “dips” of the tea bag is perfect while others think it isn’t strong enough unless your tea stirs the spoon itself.  With Tea Pockets, you add the tea yourself, so it is up to you how strong your cuppa becomes. (To make that decision, you’re going to have to try some teas.)

Too many people think tea is fussy.

Well, at Tupelo Honey Teas, we aren’t fussy people. It’s true that there are proper steep times and temperatures of which you need to be mindful. But if being fussy was a requirement for enjoying good tea, we wouldn’t be in the  business. If you don’t understand yet why anyone bothers with tea, please keep exploring. We’re living proof that the benefits of tea knowledge outweigh any inconvenience it brings to your life. Even though that’s very minimal, we consider it our responsibility as tea ambassadors to make learning about tea as easy on you as it could possibly be.

So how about a lesson on how to boil water?