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Posted by on Jul 31, 2009 in Uncategorized |

Back To Basics

Yesterday I spent an afternoon with my Applied Kinesiologist or AK Doctor.  After a long talk, we decided to go “back to basics”.   By her definition, we are starting my cleanse all over again and doing what she calls the “spring clean”.  Late in the season for a “spring clean”, but it is OK.   My body, not unlike other bodies out there, can stand to use a good cleaning every now and then, undetermined by season.

The conversation with my AK was sparked when I met a chipper young woman, friend of a friend, a few weeks back.  She and I had a long discussion about which alternative treatments we had tried and how much money was essentially wasted on the golden ticket of pure health.  She said, “I find I needed to just go back to basics”.  A profound one liner that has stuck with me ever since.

Basics, what is basics?  Basics to me means back to the core foods that nourish our bodies.  Back to simple times and simple meals.  Back to consuming things that are known to help our bodies fight off the constant parade of pathogens, poor air, virus’, bacteria, etc that dance through our world on a daily basis.

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, behind water. This should be a tell tale sign that tea is a “back to basic” drink. In third world countries around the globe, people are drinking tea. These people in some cases have minimal water, but they still make a cup. In Africa, people drink Rooibos. In rural China, you’ll find people drinking Green Tea.  In Sri Lanka, the tea of choice is Oolong. In India, Chai and Darjeeling.  All of these drinks are used as a daily health tonic.  Back to Basics.

I urge you to look at your daily regimen and start doing things that will help take you Back to Basics.  One easy, quick fix is to start adding a few cups of Tupelo Honey Teas to your day.  One in the morning to get you going, one after lunch as an afternoon meditation, and one before bed to help cleanse out your system before it rests.  Three cups of tea a day is a good start to get you “Back to Basics”.

Bee Well.  Drink Tupelo Honey Teas.

The Tea Lady