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Posted by on Jul 27, 2009 in Uncategorized |


I have been wanting to write about this place for some time, but you see, I like to announce “BIG” things that are happening at my coffee houses.  So I have been waiting for something “BIG” to happen at Affogato in Bellevue, PA.   The thing is, nothing “BIG” ever happens there, which is part of the charm and EXACTLY the way it should be here.

This coffee house is tucked in a small building on the main street in Bellevue, PA, right beside the Family Dollar.  If you blink or aren’t mindful, you will pass right by this little treasure.  A big red A is located on the building and although pretty large, does not stick out from the sidewalk much.  So again, you could pass by here everyday and miss one of the best places sleepy Bellevue has to offer.

From the time you step into the door, you will find an eclectic mix of people, drinks, food and decor.  From curried pea soup to crab sandwiches, I’ve never had a bad meal here.  The baristas are amazing in whipping up delicious drinks from coffee to teas.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the round counter.  As you sit and sip, you find people engaging each other from across the coffee house.  There is a room in the back that is private if you wish to sit alone.  If you would like some time outside, there is a side patio that is situated between Affogato’s building and the Family Dollar.  It is guarded from the street by an iron gate that allows views of the passers by.  And if you venture into the “back yard” you will be amazed, simply amazed, at the size of their back yard and how quaint it is.

Victoria Green, the owner has taken the time and effort to make this a gem of the neighborhood at all costs.  She isn’t a native of Bellevue or even western PA, but she has adopted this little town as her own.  She thinks of Affogato as a community place and keeps her doors open even if it doesn’t make monitary sense for her or the business or allow her to have a social life outside of the shop.  When I asked her why, she simply states that the shop is here for the people of Bellevue.  If she closes down which would be good for her, it isn’t good for the people who like to go there to chat, read and enjoy their joe or tea.

Yes, folks, it is that special of a place.